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  • L. M. Kugler

Say The Word

Today’s blog is a simple request. There is a movement going on in the disabled community asking people to recognize that “Disabled” and “Disability” are not bad words. It is a reminder that we do not need to be afraid to say them in daily life.

They need not be shrouded in language like “DIFF-Ability” or “Differently-Abled”.

While it’s awesome that lots of folks want to focus on the “ability” in “disability” it has gotten so that some are now afraid to simply say the word “disabled” for fear of being seen as abelist. Not so, my friends.

Disabled people are very aware they are capable and are glad to know the world is catching on to that fact. :) But they are also aware of what their limits are and that they do, in fact, have bad days because of their… well, because of their disability. So, let's not freak each other out unnecessarily and let's all agree to call a rose a rose and a thorn a thorn, because life is full of both.

Let’s all just #SayTheWord

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